These treatments are designed to address body complaints, muscle tightness, pain or discomfort and aid in injury rehabilitation. We focus on the localised area of pain as well as its cause and work towards freeing up the muscle tissue breakdown adhesions and/or knots to ensure optimal range of motion while relieving any associated pains.

This is not a head to toe relaxation massage this is a localized treatment to restore your movement & function.

(For Head to toe massage choose relaxation and ask for a firm pressure)

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massages assist in easing aches and pains  associated with pregnancy by providing relief and relaxation for the mother to be, a great way to de-stress. and prepare for the journey ahead. 

Our Pregnancy belly pillow allows you to safety lay face down. 

By your choice, this massage can also include techniques to promote the onset of labour when past your due date*.


$90 for a 60 min treatment

* Induction treatment works on the acupressure points, which are known to help bring on labour.


Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymphatic system by promoting the elimination of toxins as well as boosting immune health, function and increasing the body detoxification process.


$95 for a 60 min treatment

Cross Muscle Fiber (Bowen)

Stimulating the centre of the muscle which aids in relieving muscle tension, addressing pain and promoting better range of movement along with being a holistic healing technique.


$90 for a 60 min treatment


Results based treatment targeted to people with pain, injury, muscle fatigue and body complaints . We use advanced deep tissue techniques and focusing on trigger point therapy.

  • Sciatica

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Hip pain

  • Nick & shoulders

  • Headache relief  


$90 for a 60 min treatment



Remedial massage promotes a better range of movement, as well as supporting the active athlete by easing muscle tension, aches and adhesion's both pre and post activities for rehabilitation and injury prevention.


$90 for a 60 min treatment


Chinese Cupping

Using the ancient art of Chinese cups, this technique can be applied in a static placement or in a sliding motion combined with Chinese massage for optimum effect. This relaxes tight muscle tissue aiding in lymphatic drainage and can have a detoxifying effect.


$90 for a 60 min treatment


Acupressure is acupuncture without needles, using applied pressure on the points, achieving the same benefits without being invasive.


$90 for a 60 min treatment


Consultation, assessment and treatment of the unbalanced musculoskeletal structure.


$90 for a 60 min treatment 

Structural Aligning

Foot acupressure, to promote health and wellness by stimulating the bodies reflex points which relieve tension in the corresponding strutures and organs throughout the body.


$60 for a 30 minute treatment